Two chainsaw maintenance tips for gardening fanatics

Here are two chainsaw maintenance tips for gardening fanatics who like to use this handy piece of equipment.

They should clean their chainsaw on a regular basis

Any gardening enthusiast who frequently uses their chainsaw should clean it regularly. Doing this keeps the equipment free of debris (such as soil particles, tree bark scraps, leaves and other debris found in gardens) that could interfere with its functionality. After switching off the chainsaw, the person who'll be cleaning it should use either a can of compressed air or a brush to remove debris from the chainsaw's exterior casing and chain. Additionally, if the chainsaw has an air filter, its owner should periodically clean out or replace this filter; this will help to keep the engine in good working order.

They should also periodically remove and deep-clean their equipment's chain. This is important, as the residue that tends to accumulate on the chain is often sticky (as it will usually contain tree resin, which has a tacky texture). Dry brushes and compressed air will not be able to remove this sticky residue. If a person doesn't remove this build-up, it could affect the chain's cutting performance and shorten its lifespan. To do this task, they should first remove the chain from the equipment and then use a scrubbing brush, detergent and warm water to remove grime and dust from its nooks and crannies. They should then let it dry before putting it back on the equipment.

They should store their chainsaws correctly

It's also important for gardeners to store their chainsaws correctly, especially in instances where they have to store this equipment for a long time. This will maximise the equipment's lifespan and ensure that when they take it out of storage, it won't have developed issues that have to be repaired before they can start using it. For example, it's important for chainsaw owners to oil their equipment's chain before they store it for an extended period. This will prevent the chain from rusting whilst it's not in regular use.

Similarly, if a person's chainsaw is fuel-powered and they need to store it for a long time, they should empty the fuel tank (or use the chainsaw until every bit of its fuel has been consumed) prior to putting it into storage. If they leave the fuel in its tank for a long time, it could become stale. If they were to eventually use the chainsaw again with this stale fuel still inside it, this could make starting the chainsaw difficult (as stale fuel doesn't burn as well as fresh fuel). This old fuel could also damage the fuel system's components, which might then reduce the engine's performance and make cutting trees or other items with it much harder.

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