Benefits Of Bark Mulch

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your backyard, why not spread mulch over the garden beds? Various materials may be on offer, but bark is among the most attractive and useful options. Read on to discover the ways it will enhance your landscape. 

Nourishes Soil

Over time, bark breaks down, adding beneficial minerals and organic matter to the soil. This process closely mimics a natural bush environment where trees shed bark which decomposes into the surrounding earth. Additionally, a layer of bark mulch creates an ideal moist environment in which worms and other useful microorganisms can flourish.

Controls Weeds

While you may love your garden, that probably doesn't translate to enjoying spending hours of your weekend uprooting weeds when you could be relaxing or being creative with landscaping. By covering your garden beds with a bark blanket, you'll minimise the growth of pesky weeds. Typically, bark mulch will only need topping up every year or two, while the hours saved in the meantime, not weeding, will be much more.

Retains Moisture

Bark helps to keep moisture within the soil and to moderate the temperature within. Under the blazing sun, water can quickly evaporate, requiring you to use extra water across the garden. By utilising a protective bark mulch, however, you'll save watering the garden only for it to disappear into thin air. Mulch also helps to prevent runoff during heavy rains.

Easy To Transport

Bark mulches, being lightweight, are relatively easy to manage and to spread across the garden, especially in comparison to alternatives such as pebbles. Thus you won't face back-breaking work when topping up. Additionally, you can easily manoeuvre the bark pieces when adding new plants and flowers.

Beautifies Your Landscape

Soil is not the most appealing substance, whereas bark mulch covers the garden in various hues of tan, red and deep brown. As well as adding attractive earthy tones, the bark pieces en-masse add interesting textures that cover up drab soil. The mulch's uniformity will also provide a neat and cared-for appearance in your garden.  

Thus, bark mulch will benefit your landscape in numerous ways, creating a healthier garden by retaining moisture and adding vital nutrients to the soil. It will save hours of tedious and pointless weeding while adding beautiful colours and textures. Being lightweight, you'll find it relatively easy to work with. Plus you'll only need to order it in your mulch delivery every year or so, in any case. 

To learn more about bark mulch, contact a mulch delivery service in your area.

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