The Top Turf Tools Designed for Aerating

Your turf requires maintenance if it is going to be healthy and grow at a rapid rate. Turf aeration is a common maintenance method that you should perform during spring or fall. Aerating your turf is so important because it allows for air to flow to the roots of the turf and also helps to eliminate soil impaction. There are a number of different turf tools that you can use when you are trying to aerate your lawn. It is important that you are aware of the best turf tools to use for aeration and what the proper method of use is for each type. 


A fork is a turf tool that is commonly used for aeration and involves pushing into the turf through the soil using a tool that is similar in shape to the design of a fork. It is possible to relieve the soil some by making sure that all of the fork tines dig into the soil. In most cases, you will make sure that the fork tines reach a depth of a few inches. This is deep enough to allow for soil impaction to be eliminated. You will create these tine holes throughout the turf every few inches to allow for optimal levels of aeration. The only downside to this turf tool for aeration is that it is labor intensive.

Hollow Tiner

If you are looking for a turf tool that is similar in design to a fork, but slightly different in function, you can give a hollow tiner a try. This is a tool that is used for aeration, but removes the core of the soil when it is inserted into the turf and soil. This means that there are actual holes created that you can use to add quality top fertiliser to the turf. If you are going to add a top fertiliser, it is probably better to use a hollow tiner instead of a traditional fork. It allows for a hole that is designed specifically to be filled.


This is a unique type of turf tool used for aeration that does not create a hole in the soil like the other options. It is designed to remove all debris from the turf. This includes thatch and leaves. Since this debris is removed from the turf, it allows for air to flow more freely. This method is used when you do not have extreme soli impaction. This means that water and fertiliser will be able to penetrate the root more easily after you run the scarifier over the turf.

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