Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Mower Up and Running

Lawn mowers are one of the home appliances that take quite a beating, but are still neglected because they are deemed hardy and durable. Although these machines are built to last, they are not immune to wear and tear. This is especially true if they are not receiving the appropriate maintenance after being in use. The good news is that lawn mower maintenance does not have to be labour intensive as you can set aside a few tasks to compete every once in a while. There are some handy maintenance tips to keeping your lawn mower up and running.

Routinely drain the fuel

When you use your lawn mower on a regular basis, it is recommended to drain the remaining fuel from the tank before putting fresh fuel in. Old gasoline has the propensity of causing start problems with your mower. If you have a large yard, chances are you need to refill your mower each time you need to use it. Instead of leaving the remnants of the old fuel, which could taint the fresh gasoline, always drain it out.

Regularly check the oil levels

For your lawn mower's engine to run smoothly, it needs adequate oil. It is pertinent to regularly check the oil levels to ensure they are not too low. When inspecting the oil, also check for any debris that may have made its way into the oil. Leaving debris will compromise the quality of the oil, making it turn black. This type of oil will impede the functionality of your lawn mower. If the oil is old or has been compromised with dirt, you should change it. This can be done by locating the drain plug beneath lawn mower. Some lawn mowers may have a fill hole located on the side rather than a drain plug underneath. For these models, tilt the mower sideways to eliminate the oil. Once all the oil is out, refill it with the manufacturer's recommended oil.

Always clean the undercarriage

As you use your lawn mower, grass will steadily cake itself on the undercarriage. If you leave the accumulation of grass, mud and other debris undeterred, it poses the risk of clogging your machine's discharge chute. This will then affect the functionality of the lawn mower. The good news is that you can avoid this by simply cleaning out the undercarriage once you are done using the mower. All you would need is a sturdy wire brush to scrape off all the debris attached to the undercarriage. Once all the hardened materials have been eliminated, rinse the undercarriage using a water hose.

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